Aims and Scope

Goals and vision

Goals & Vision of Social Order Quarterly

With the help of God Almighty, the objectives and vision of Social Order Quarterly journal are as following:

  1. Explain the concepts and theoretical foundations in the field of related topics, including social harms, social order, law enforcement affairs, social order, etc.;
  2. Provide the necessary platform for the dissemination of research achievements of research centers and experts in social and disciplinary sciences related to the objectives of the quarterly in the IRI police organization;
  3. Production of science to achieve the position of inspiring police in the region and the Islamic world on related issues;
  4. Helping to improve the scientific level of professors, students and researchers in law enforcement and social sciences and strengthening and improving the managerial and scientific capabilities of managers and commanders in the field of social order;
  5. Encouraging students and researchers to research in the field of creating order in society.