Guide for Authors

Journal of Social Order

Dear authors, to submit a manuscript, proceed as follows:

1- If you intend to send a manuscript to the journal, apply the desired corrections by reading the guide for authors on the main page of the system.

2. Download the ethic form for publishing the article and send the supplemented and signed version along with the manuscript.

3. Download the conflict of interest form and send the supplemented and signed version along with the manuscript.

4. Manuscripts prepared based on the guide for authors must be registered in the publication system at . This quarterly is exempt from receiving manuscripts manually and in print.

5. One of the authors of each manuscript should be identified as the Corresponding Author so that the correspondence of the journal can be done only through them and reach the information of others.

6.  The submitted manuscript should not be presented in any seminar (domestic, or national or international) or in any publication (domestic, national or international) has not been previously published or simultaneously sent to other publications. In each of the four stages of reviewing the manuscript (before publication), whenever the manuscript is sent to other publications, seminars or conferences for the editorial board, the submitted manuscript is archived and if the confirmation letter is issued, it will be announced in a letter to the recipients and the relevant university unit, and in the future, according to the officials of the journal, the author will face restrictions to submit a manuscript to this journal.

7. The content of the manuscript should be appropriate to the goals of the publication. (the editorial board approval)

8. The editorial board of the journal is free to accept or reject as well as delete or correct the received manuscripts.

9. The text of all submitted manuscripts (in case of approval or rejection of the manuscript) is kept in the archive of the journal.

10. With regard to the policies of the editorial board, translated  manuscripts from other printed articles is impossible to be reviewed.

11. The inclusion of articles in the journal does not mean that its content is approved by the editorial board of the journal, so the responsibility for the accuracy of the content of each manuscript lies with the author(s).


In the case of manuscripts extracted from dissertations (PhD graduates), it is essential that graduates consider the following:

A) Only the manuscripts mentioned in the framework of the rules mentioned in this guide will be able to be published, so it is necessary for the graduates to refrain from presenting a part of the dissertation (the same as the contents of the dissertation)

B) Send a copy of the viva session letter.

Criteria for submitting manuscripts in the Social Order Quarterly

Ø The title of the manuscript should be in one or two single-space lines (bold 16B lotus) and below it the name and surname of the author(s) (14 B zar) should be mentioned without inserting titles (such as degree or doctor, engineer, etc.).  Mention the workplace, telephone number and e-mail address of the author(s) under their names (in bold 10Mitra).  The academic degree or position of the author(s) should be stated in a footnote on the first page in 11Mitra.  An author must be identified as the corresponding author.

Ø Abstract should be between 150 to 200 words, with four headings including context and purpose, methodology, findings and results without mentioning the unnecessary wordings for introduction and generalities.


Ø Footnote has many uses including explaining difficult words and terms, recording specific names or scientific terms in the original language, bringing content and explanations that are necessary and useful for some readers, but bringing it into the text wastes readers' time, confuse readers, and break the text. In the manuscript, avoid mentioning non-English spelling words (Persian, Arabic, etc.) for which there is an equal and approved English equivalent. If there is no explicit English equivalent, it should be clearly numbered in parentheses in the text of the manuscript and next to the English word used. The footnote numbers on each page start with number one.

Ø Tables should have a number and title that are typed in bold with a 10Blotus.  Tables should be inserted into the text after referencing them. The numbers in the tables should be typed as center alignment. It is necessary to mention the units of the metrics in the tables. Place each table with a blank line spaced before and after the text.

Ø The size of the manuscript should not exceed 5000 words.

Ø The essay and spelling of the manuscript should be correct, fluent and smooth, and the grammatical points should be observed.

How to write manuscripts

The first page, which consists of four sections, is as follows:

A) Manuscript title;

B) Details of the author(s);

The following information should be mentioned in full about the author or each of the authors separately and in the following order:

1-Name and surname;

2- University academic rank (including instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor) and the name of the university (E-mail) and contact number .

The structure of the manuscript should include the following:

1)  Abstract (The abstract of the manuscript should be in maximum 250 words and include a complete summary of the content of the manuscript in four titles; title and purpose, methodology, findings and conclusions.

2) Keywords (maximum five words related to the manuscript, which are also mentioned in the original manuscript).

3) Introduction and statement of the problem starts from the beginning of the second page.  It states the necessity of conducting research, and leads to the main research question.

4) The theoretical foundations and background of the research using up-to-date and new references and including researches conducted in the field of research subject should be given in a maximum order of 1800 words in order of publication date.

5) The conceptual model of the research, which includes the relationships between the research variables in a schematic manner, should be given along with the relevant explanations.

6)  Methodology including the nature of the research, research method, population and statistical sample, methods and tools of data collection, method of data analysis are presented.

7) Research findings that provide statistical analysis of research.  Findings should be divided into two parts: descriptive findings and inferential findings.

8) Discussion and conclusion that deals with the result of statistical analysis and compares the research results with the results of similar research.

9) Suggestions; Includes research suggestions that can lead to improved methods or new performance in specific areas.

10)  Acknowledgement in a maximum of three lines.

11) References

* All references used in the manuscript should first be mentioned in the original text in the format surname, year: page and at the end of the manuscript are introduced in full and as following.

To fully mention the references and to standardize the addressing on the references page, use the following method:

* Original language book:

Surname of the author, first name (year of book publication). Book title. Date of publication, edition number, place of publication: Publisher.

* Original language article:

Surname of the author, first name (year of publication).Title of the article. Journal Name, volume (issue), page number. Internet access link or DOI.

* translated Book

Last name, first name (year of publication).  Book title. Name and surname of the translator, edition number, place of publication: publisher.

* Manuscripts from Persian specialized magazines:

Surname of the author, first name (year of publication).Title of the article. Journal Name, volume (issue), page number. Internet access link or DOI.

Note: If there are several authors (for a book or manuscript), after writing the last name and first name of the first author, for each of the other authors, first their name and then their last name will be written.  Before writing the name of the last author, ‘&’ will appear.

If you use Internet references in the manuscript, use the following templates on the reference page:

*electronic book:

Last Name, Author Name> Book Title Place of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication, Last Edited (If Available) "Full Website Access Address> [View Dat. [

* Electronic Articles:

Surname, author name (year of publication). Title. Journal Name, volume, issue, page number, (if available) [online [. Complete Website Access Address" [View Dat.  [

* Electronic thesis or dissertation:

Last name, author name (year of publication). thesis title. Degree and field, university, year of defending the dissertation or thesis, (if available) [online[, Complete Website Access Address [View Dat. [

The details of the authors should be in the format of this publication. Pay enough attention to the name of the author(s). The corresponding author must provide an email address.

Publication format:

An A4 format letter, 12B Times New Roman font font (titles, subtitles, text, etc.) with a single spacing should be considered. The right and left margins are 4.5 and the top and bottom are 5.6 cm. The Word 2010 program is used.